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Mother Memories

My mother has been gone (i.e., joined the ancestors) a little over five years. For some reason, this Mother’s Day had me missing her more than usual. I usually send Mother’s Day cards to aunts and other beloved women warriors in my life. This year, I didn’t have the energy or will to do so. I had a mental block preventing me from thinking of anyone but my mom to whom I couldn’t send a card or pick up the phone and say, “Happy Mother’s Day.”

Strange that this would be the case after five years, particularly since I thought I was long finished with the grieving process. Perhaps we never really finish grieving the loss of mothers. I’ve been exploring ways to incorporate my mother into my creative process, a way to honor her, remember her, keep her close. One of the ways I’m currently exploring is through a story collection. I’ve just begun the process, but I’ll incorporate sayings, photos and other elements of the myriad of projects my mother worked on that remind me she’s with me throughout my own creative process.

Here’s what I have thus far:

Let me know what you think. I’ll keep you apprised of my progress on this project. In the meantime, should you wish to create your own memory art pieces, check out my previous blog on Three Must Reads For Artists and Creatives.

Art Hop Readout

Last month I was one of the featured artists to participate in Takoma Park’s third annual Art Hop. Art Hop Takoma is a week-long event which features predominantly local artist throughout the shops of Old Takoma, Maryland.

This year I was hosted by the House of Musical Traditions which was a good match to feature my recycled vinyl collection. Here are some photos:

[flagallery gid=1 name=”takoma-park-art-hop”]

For additional information on Takoma Park Art Hop as well as my recycled glass and recycled vinyl collections, see the following links:

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Got Allergies? Wear Jewelry!

I’d bet you know many people who are allergic to base metals like copper, nickel, lead, brass. In rare cases, and I’ve encountered a few recently, there are those also allergic to precious metals such as silver and gold. But that doesn’t mean they can’t love or wear jewelry.

There are a number of alternatives to metal clasps and chains. Waxed linen, waxed cotton and buttons made of bone, resin and other organic materials are but a few of the options for those with metal allergies.

Here are a few items from my Etsy collection that would suit those allergic to metals:

I’d be interested in knowing what other suggestions you may have for jewelry lovers limited by metal allergies. Please leave me a comment.

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