Art Hop Takoma 2013 Readout

Once a year, businesses and artists in Takoma Park, Maryland get together for what is known as Art Hop Takoma — a week-long fete where the work of local artists is featured in local businesses. This year’s Art Hop was the fourth annual event and my third year of participating. I, along with another area artist, was featured at S&A Beads where I frequently buy beading and art supplies. It’s also where I had my first beading class years ago and got hooked on designing jewelry.

Last year, I was featured at The House of Musical Traditions where my recycled vinyl jewelry fit in perfectly with the records from which recycled vinyl is made. This year, S&A Beads featured several works from several of my collections, including my sandcast beads from Ghana, newly-designed wire-formed and wire-wrapped earrings, and recycled vinyl jewelry.

Me and my collections

Me posing next to my collections

Display window

Display window in S&A Beads

Storefront Display

Art Hop Storefront Display of my items

All in all, it was a wonderful celebration of art, handmade and community. I was fortunate to have participated in my third year of Art Hop and totally thrilled to have been featured at S&A Beads where I got my start.


  1. Rabihah says:

    Simone, your stuff is fab; it was a pleasure being featured with you.

  2. Simone says:

    This is great, I love all the pictures!

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