Adding Silversmithing to My Repertoire

Though I started out stringing beads, I am constantly trying to improvement upon my rĂ©pertoire of techniques and methods to add interest to my designs. I recently took a metalsmithing course and I’m hooked. I hammered, torched, soldered, forged and did things to metal I had never done before. Below are some of the results.

My silver design

Here is the sterling pendant I made by first annealing then forming the wire into this shape, then hammering for effect.

Choices, choices

Now I have to figure out what to do with the pendant I just made. Here are other metal pieces that I made and possibilities abound as to how I'll mix and match them. I wonder what I'll do............

Finished Necklace

I decided to string black recycled vinyl discs, center the pendant and hang a sterling ring, inset with a Venetian glass (trade bead), that is too small for my finger. It's become one of my personal statement pieces.

Tell me what you think.

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