Get a Grip on Your Inventory: Group Your Products By Color

My gifted cousin is an artist (and sometimes she’s a bit of a pain in the butt when she’s being a perfectionist and not particularly patient or constructive in her criticism of those who don’t measure up to her standards). On occasion, however, she comes up with a brilliant idea that she communicates thoughtfully and with grace. One such example is her recent suggestion that I group my jewelry inventory by color so that I could better see themes in my designs.

Laying out collections by color not only enables me to see the number of similar items created, but also helps me to see which colors I have either too much or too little of. I’m also able to clearly see my color biases, i.e., those colors and styles that I lean toward — which may or may not necessarily be what the market wants. In any case, laying my collections out like this takes the guess work out of where I have gaps or where I might have too much certain product.

Equally as important as taking stock of inventory is the assistance that this color line up provides for display purposes. My cousin suggested that my displays at events would have more impact if I chose jewelry (appropriate to a given market, of course) from each tray and grouped them according to the colors of the respective trays. In this way, the displays will appear to have a theme — a collection of sorts. Take the following photo of my cousin (her name is Precious) with a stack of my bracelets. I admit that grouped together they make a more powerful statement than if worn separately.
My cousin wearing a stack of African recycled glass bracelets.
I plan to try this approach at my upcoming show this Sunday at the Takoma Park Street Festival. I’ll let you know how it goes.

In the meantime, I’d be interested in any tips you might want to share regarding how you display your jewelry at events: by color, by category, by style, etc.

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